Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cultural Attaché Head Case: Super Producer’s Thirst for Endless Knowledge

Here’s one the UTA job list conveniently left out this week:

Cultural Attaché needed for A-List producer at major production company. Qualified candidates will be well versed in knowledge in general, several languages, heavy phones, submissions, calendar, travel, be personal friends with a vast array of physicists, Nobel Laureates, Trained chefs, soap makers, veterans and artisans and be fluent in explaining exactly what it is that a “delegate” does. Responsibilities include teaching, expanding, translating and philosophizing on everything that an intelligent producer should probably know, you know? Must have three years agency experience. Top five preferred. Salary DOE – which is a lot because you have experienced pretty much everything that life has to offer. Send cover letter, easy to understand definition of “delegate” and proposed schedule of intelligent cultural icon interviews to 3/7

Waxy haired super producer Brian Grazer is hiring – and no, it’s not an executive assistant position. It’s a cultural attaché position. What – you haven’t heard of that? It’s one of those gigs that pretty much most agency partners and high profile studio heads are privy to. Hell, even ol’ Lew Wasserman had a cultural attaché back in the day! In fact, Wasserman started the cultural attaché mentorship program, where aspiring attachés could intern in the famed MCA building, and learn to cover scripts, procure knowledge, answer phones and expound endless tidbits of art, medicine and politics to high power executives at the drop of a hat.

While the Beautiful Mind producer’s staff of twenty continues to meet with candidates, Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment partner Ron Howard continues his search to replace his long-standing, traveling personal novel condenser and urban planning consultant. [Variety]

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi Young Folks,

Are you still there?

Didn't think so.

Anywhozzle, I'm going to take this opportunity to put an unofficial stamp of hiatus on Autumnattic (in case you haven't figured this much out already).

In the meantime, I'll try and figure out the best way to hone my blogging skillz and return to my faithful reader(s) with a vengance.

Until then,

I'll enjoy some Darjeeling.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

i candy

halftime of pistons/heat game #3 really means it's time to recap.

rather than blocks of text to blur your eyes, feast on a few pictorial highlights from the previous week.

and here's a few items purchased by milly and myself on our day off in charlevoix in order to solidify the unit director aesthetics:

(2) bikes [one refurbished, one brand new; both under $80.00]
(1) coffee maker
(2) motorola talk abouts
(1) insulated mugs

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

file under: lists

the fifth (5th) day of precamp comes to a close.

that should formally solidify the first official work week.

you see, camp is really all about lists. and communication. i'll now take those two elements and fuse them for a concise and informational post. without further adieu (sp?); a list:

items and areas of camp unpacked thus far (most with really intensive manual labor):

1) raked/cleaned/spruced up (3) large campsites
2) assembled (3) docks (very big)
3) inventoried (2) athletic sheds; cleaned said sheds
4) unloaded upwards of (25) boats/canoes on to the waterfront
5) assembled volleyball net, badminton net, archery targets
6) assembled stage (very large)
7) rearranged and cleaned the following instructional areas: arts & crafts, mtn. biking, climbing, horseback riding
8) and (plenty) small but no less important tasks to bring camp to a chugging pace.

as you can see, i chose to number my list. if you think about it, however, the possibilites are endless. it's the beauty of the list. there's the (-) or the (*) or the (~) or the (DOT). lists, my friends, are very functional. try your very own today and describe it in the comments.

one chalkboard in the mess hall. one list per day. productivity, people. that's how it's done.

let's get those 'stones back into shape for tomorrow night so us camp folk'll have something to look forward to after a hard day's work.

now it's time to get lost.